An antihero like no other, Blake is a lot fo escapist fun. Available at many retailers in ebook format, please click on the above image to go to its page. Blake concludes with Part II in early 2012.

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Blake’s got an alien-modified gun in one hand, a synthetic girl in the other, and stands against the entire universe in wearing a black overcoat, a red tie, and big brown thick-heeled boots. The Hlendi hate him, and through this collection of short stories, he manages to make several other massively powerful enemies all while blowing smoke in their faces.


Why does he do it? Something happened in his past to break him, to make him cold and remorseless. But will the synthetic fourteen-year old girl who constantly reaches for his hand manage to cool the fire in his soul? Will he ever kill the two cops back on Earth who wronged him? And when he finally meets the man who says he’s Blake’s brother, who will win in their deadly game of chess?


This is the first half of the collection of short stories that revolve around the big man with the golden tie-clip and the unique ability to shift his physical form off the surface of the universe.