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Eight books in the series titled "Evolution"

A long series to be sure, but immensly rewarding. Please click on any of the images to be taken to its page.

Kolob is like many boys his age; socially inept, withdrawn, and clumsy with girls. The difference is that Kolob has been genetically engineered over ten-thousand years to be the evolutionary catalyst for the Novan race. His best friend, Rhonva, is a drug-dealer that ensures he is emotionally weak and dependant. His girlfriend, Nahlai, is an agent for the Rell, a race that seek to either control him or destroy him.


In opposition stands Graid; Kal-Alcon of the Rell, a being quickly engineered to counter the threat Kolob presents. Around the same age, he hates his people for creating him to be a weapon, for depriving him of the simple pleasures of life.


Who will triumph; Kolob, who is supported by the sentient sun called Mal, and his followers, the TELREC? Or Graid, last hope of the Rell people? Many others vie for control over Kolob, including the terrorist Iganinagi, and Suld, owner of the largest corporation in existence, OLMAC.


Cracked Dagger, Part One of Allies and Adversaries, builds the twin worlds of Novan and Rell. Cracked Dagger is the beginning of the greatest war the universe will ever know, and it could prove to be its last.


In Enter the Flame, Book Two of Allies and Adversaries, the major players are finally revealed, laying the foundation for the epic struggle that will decide the evolution of the Novan race and the path all of creation will follow.


With Martel dead, and Arciss installed as his replacement, Graid is out of control. After the sin he committed in Cracked Dagger, he is viewed as reckless and immoral; an utter disappointment to the Rell.


Ksilte still looks for his son, Dobrin, who was abused by Listras. Little does he know his son has befriended his abuser, and works to find his way home.


Suld, owner of OLMAC, creates an allegiance with the sentient meta, and charts a path to the destruction of the TELREC.


Over all of them looms the new head of the Iganinagi; Theia. She brings a power and strength that Suld has longed for in a woman, and the might needed if any are to oppose the TELREC. Both OLMAC and SC-1 court an alliance with her, yet Rhonva reveals himself to be a double-agent, threatening any future opposition to the TELREC.


Conflict explodes on the Novan landscape, as the TELREC seek control of all Novan. Alliances are formed, then fractured by traitors and fools. Friendships are built and broken, as the stress of final realization settles in; war is coming.


In Betrayal, the third book of Allies and Adversaries, Graid reveals his power, destroying his enemies, and changing the balance of power.


The Rise of OLMAC, the fourth book in the series Allies and Adversaries, chronicles the first conflict between OLMAC and the TELREC. Suld, owner of OLMAC, has had several thousand years to prepare for this moment, but will his ego get the better of him? Can he set aside self-doubt, and rise to be the leader OLMAC needs? And how does this conflict affect the Rell, or the sentient meta? will they intervene, and change the balance of power forever?