Last Man in Heaven

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Previous Publication Credits

Below is a list of publications my writing has appeared in, and those who have committed to publish work.

The Will to Live: published in Orion's Child, 8/2008
The Hated One: published in issue #3, Bent Masses, 8/2008
A Matter of Trust: published in NVF, 2008
Oveio: published in Escape Velocity, published in Issue#3, 2008
Karin and Brieghel: published in Twilight Times, 2009
Rapture by Moonlight: published in Kalkion, 10/2009
The Spider and the Doppleganger: published in ken*again, 2010
Turning Point: published in Aphelion, 2010
A World of Good: published in Aphelion, 2010
The Clearing Haze: published in Delivered, 2010
What Lay Within: published in Sorcerous Signals, 2010
At Long Last a Path to Follow: published in Absent Willow, 5/2010
The Conversion: published in Niteblade, 9/2010
I versus I: published in Twisted Dreams, 10/2010
Charlie and the Boy: published in Bent Masses, 3/2011
Virtues of a Selfish Man: scheduled to be published in Bards and Sages Quarterly, 7/2011

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