Last Man in Heaven

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A bold, new entry in the science-fiction realm!


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Last Man in Heaven chronicles the travails of Duroix, commander in the Earth Space Fleet, as he searches for answers behind the destruction of the human heaven.
Heaven has been discovered, and people are dying to get there, putting the enire Earth in crisis as its citizens suicide to reach utopia. The Hlendi, an extremely intelligent alien race, has allied itself with Earth and helped in the destruction of the Vault of Utopia, the supposed human heaven. But afterwards, Duroix and the crew of the Vaudras are left with too many unanswered questions. They go from planet to planet to seek the answers, trying to find out if what they destroyed was the true heaven of humanity, and if it wasn't, then what happened to all the souls contained therein.

This is a science-fiction tale in the tradition of Homer's Odyssey, chronicling the journeys of a hero struggling to make his way home. Duropix faces many enemies, but none are more powerful than the ghost of his dead father, who committed suicide when Duroix was young. Thrust into command, Duroix must find out not only what kind of a commander he is, but what kind of man he will be, as he was one of the few humans born with two souls; one human, one hlendi.

Last Man in Heaven c2011 Kevin Gordon